Top 6 best luggage for tweens 2021 [buying-guideline 2021]

Getting nervous about buying the best luggage for tweens? We display with pride the best luggage for tweens as it is the ideal choice and you’re worth it. 

If you are tired with the maligned practice of packing tweens luggage or you are obsessed with packing then take a deep breadth as your life is going to be at ease, because we have listed best luggage for tweens.

We’ve been in business for a long time because people love our suitcases for tweens and trust us. A few of the top choices for cool suitcases for teenagers are mentioned in this guide for the aid of a buyer. 

Comparison Table for best luggage for tweens 2021

1.Rockland Fashion Softside Luggage Set4.5Buy now
2.Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 3 Piece Set4.8Buy now
3.Kenneth Cole Reaction 2-Piece Luggage Set4.6Buy now
4.Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set4.7Buy now
5.Travelpro Maxlite 5-Softside Expandable luggage4.7Buy now
6.Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 3 Piece Set4.7Buy now
best luggage for tweens

1. Rockland Fashion Softside Luggage Set

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

Rockland Fashion Luggage Set contains two pieces: one is an upright and other is a flight tote bag. These are made up of super quality fabric and are manufactured by observing the quality standards.

Your search for kids bags for travel will be over with this additional tote bag because it can be used as kid travel bag and fulfills all the needs exactly in a way done by other travel bags for kids.

The best part is that these girl suitcases are available in various patterns (manufactured specifically with the aim to design a suitcase for girl), designs and colors so it’s impossible to fail in finding the ultimate suitcase of your own choice.


Tote bag: 14″x 11″x 5.5″

Upright: 21″ x 13″ x 7.5″ (with wheels).

Meets these airlines’ size restrictions: United, American, Delta, Southwest, Allegiant

Inline skate wheels and stability bar

Telescoping handle

Ergonomic padded top and side grip handles

Fully lined

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

2. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 3 Piece Set

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

Coolife Luggage is one of the best luggage for tweens with hard shell or casing. Coolife Luggageset a cute luggage for tweens and is available in three different sizes small, medium and large and also made up of ABS material.  ABS plastic has great damage or impact resistance and is much cheaper than others like polycarbonate luggage.

COOLIFE spinner luggage has very good maneuverability all because of the sturdy wheels. It has double spinner wheels as compared to others having only single spinner, and also these wheels are four in numbers.

COOLIFE kids luggage sets have their own value among best kids luggage and the smallest one in above mentioned is suitable option for kids carry on luggage


Expandable: This set fits well in specific situations as they are expandable. 28inch is expandable for up to 15% additional packing capacity

TSA Lock: Mounted TSA combination lock provides peace of mind when checking cases through security.

360 degree multi-directional spinner wheels

2 years Manufacturer Warranty.

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

3. Kenneth Cole Reaction 2-Piece Luggage Set

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

Finding the best teen luggage for your tween is difficult and vary from person to person, but Kenneth teenage luggage set solves your problem as it is the best seller and also amazon’s choice.

Luggage choice can vary based on the frequency of use, as one is afraid of wear and tear for that this set is tough as nails scratch resistant shell, ABS exterior and durable.  

This Kenneth luggage set includes a 20” carry on size can be used as carry on for teenage girl (meets most U. S based & international airline requirements) and a 28”check in suitcase that are perfect for anything from weekend trips to long term getaways. Each suitcase is equipped with great features like Multi-directional 4-wheel spinners and 4 side feet that helps to stand upright, a zippered organization pocket, top and side easy grab handles and double-sided packing with garment restraint straps to hold clothes in place.


Side and Top handles

Repairing zippers is simple

Durable and hard casing

Available in a number of colors (This specific color makes it perfect luggage for teen girls)

Garment restraining strap

NOTE: Kenneth Cole Reaction has variety in tween luggage sets and also provides  3-Piece Lightweight Hardside 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage Set with additional size 24’’

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

4. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

Coolife kids luggage offers a unique style which made up of better than polyester material. Its lightweight design makes travel much easier and is certainly competes well other products in market. The four spinner wheels make this luggage an ideal tween choice as the mobility is smooth and simple.

Most users describe this teens luggage with good quality, held up well, and highly recommend. The most impressive thing is that these are moveable with a single hand effortlessly and is also among best suitcases for kids

These are suitable for large distances where you have to move to two places far apart to each other. Coolife teen boys luggage helps you in order to make it to your next destination and they have held up very well through some rough treatment.

The 3 piece cool suitcases for teenagers has different sizes and can be used accordingly such as smallest one as a bathroom essentials bag, middle size for kids clothing and the large for parent clothing.


Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle

3 pieces luggage set with 2 years worldwide warranty

Multi directional spinner wheels

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

5. Travelpro Maxlite 5-Softside Expandable luggage

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

best luggage for tweens provides you with all the requirement and fulfills well the quest of a buyer as The Travelpro Maxlite  is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-durable suitcase that can bear the wear and tear easily. Travelpro’s great design is much lighter than the competition so you can pack more and worry less and is among top suitcases for teen girls

Even though there is limitation in size, but this luggage for teenagers is also expandable and equipped with extra exterior pockets for even more storage. The Travelpro Maxlite 5 is versatile in a way as it is also available in checked luggage sizes and sets to fit your travel needs. 


4 wheels spinners 

Expands up to 2 inches to increase packing capacity.

covers the cost of repair for damage from airline or other common carrier for 1 year

Available in variety of colors

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

6. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 3 Piece Set

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

It is true that Luggage can be pricey but the best luggage for tweens will last years of use and should be valued as a small investment. This cool luggage for teens set is available in various colors with sophisticated design that is perfect for teens and young adults alike.

This Coolife luggage set could be  your best option for shorter airplane trips and in terms of affordability and functionality has the upper hand over others.

This set is made up of  ABS+PC material and is very lightweight while still including many of the features we have come to expect in modern luggage such as  Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle system, durable and hard shell to prevent against scratches.

TSA combination lock with resettable code hence allowing only TSA agents to inspect your bags without damaging the lock. Each size is light but at the same time is very sturdy and zippers glides smoothly. In terms of packing space these are very roomy with double-sided packing and diagonal garment restraint straps to hold clothes in place.

Problem of finding a separate childrens luggage is solved as COOLIFE took special care of children suitcase by providing a carry on size which not only fulfills all the needs but also works even better than other childrens suitcases


Easy to spot

Hard and durable shell

Easy to maneuver

360° double wheels

TSA Lock

15% expandable capacity (28’’ size luggage)

best luggage for tweens
best luggage for tweens

Following are a few specific points to keep in consideration while buying luggage for tweens:

Shell of luggage for teenager

Tween suitcase is classified in two categories based on material i.e. Soft and Hard. Soft suitcases for teens are made up of cloth and textile material that forms its casing. As they are made up of cloth material, they are merely water-resistant and are also prone to blots.

Softshell suitcases take precedence over hardshell tween suitcases in respect of extra pockets as they are easy to fit in. One should keep in mind one’s need for buying tween luggage as it is dependent upon a number of factors. For instance, your means of transportation, as kid suitcases and soft suitcases are flexible, they can be easily adjusted in a congested space.

Hard tween suitcase covering is made up of hard plastic or aluminum. Due to their hard casings, they are waterproof and normally durable, but they fall short in terms of capacity as extra pockets are difficult to provide.  Hard suitcases are brittle in nature which means they cannot bend; hence they require ample space for their storage.


Sometimes we invest money in items that are expensive or simply don’t fit with their quality. Experiences of such kind make us hesitant in buying more items of a kind. Often, we are buying for young ones or shopping a gift for someone in any case if cute luggage for teens doesn’t suit them it would be a waste of money. Hence with the help of this guide, you need not to worry as it covers each prospect starting from children’s luggage or girls suitcase to best youth luggage.

Durability is an important factor needs to be considered. For a durable teen luggage it is certain price would be a little high but if we put it on the life span of luggage teens it seems economical. If you cannot put care in handling and placing your suitcase then you should buy best luggage for tweens such as made up of polycarbonate shall. These kinds of suitcases are waterproof, scratch free and are of good quality so that they can resist damages hence are crack free.


Now above mentioned are factors which directly affects your travel or journey. While planning for a trip as we need to consider a number of factors, luggage is one of them. If you are going to a hilly terrain or off route and you have to walk a longer distance to camp, then certainly heavy weight suitcases for teenage girls are going to be a trouble. However on the other side if you live on the road side hotel and you don’t need to carry luggage to a longer distance you may have any kind of suitcase.

Size of the best luggage for tweens should be chosen on the basis of space or your use. As with the size storage and capacity both varies one should keep this factor in mind while purchasing the best luggage for tweens. These teen suitcases are available in various sizes as per demand; however buyer should be careful in choosing a size so that space may not fall short for your stuff.     

Additional Features:

Some suitcases for girls at target are available with locks and are even available in a variety of styles and patterns. if you put your privacy at priority then you should prefer one with the lock.

best luggage for tweens have additional storage capacity and netting inside with various compartments shapes for specific items such as water bottles, chargers and googles.

Based on journey one should consider luggage accordingly. In areas of high rainfall waterproof luggage does the trick and keeps your stuff dry.

Also, a few bags for tweens are available with additional zip using which you can expand or contract it. In other words, one suitcase is providing you multiple sizes which is an add-on.

One of the most important properties of cute teen luggage is wheels of luggage also rolling luggage for tweens is available in two variations i.e. 2-wheels and 4-wheels. As best luggage for tweens with wheels adds comfort to your life and even can be used for long lengths such as railway stations and airports etc. The best luggage for tweens with 4 wheels is the best as it has good maneuverability and doesn’t require much effort.


Finding the best luggage for tweens  for your tween is difficult and varies from person to person, with the frequency of use or size of luggage. One of our top picks is Rockland Fashion Softside Luggage Set because Rockland is among top companies and is known for its quality colorful designs, and graphical patterns and also additional tote bag is an add on. The other one is Kenneth Cole Reaction 2-Piece Luggageset which is hard, durable, waterproof and on the top is that it’s Amazon’s choice as well. Moreover it has side and top handles which make it easy to handle, a garment restraining strap and is also available in a 3-piece set.

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