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Nothing is safe in this modern era. Every day, we hear about the unpleasant incidents of burglary, and robbery, etc. Thus, it is important to put your valuables somewhere they are protected and for this, we have only one option, the best safe for an apartment.

The best safe for an apartment is not a new thing. The remains have been found by many archeologists which hints that people are using apartment safes since forever.

With all the progress, traditional systems are being replaced with digital ones and the same is the case with safes for dorms.

What are the most reliable options for the best safe for apartment?

There is a vast variety of mini safes for dorms and finding the best is a hard nut to crack.

Here in this article, we have reviewed a list of apartment safes so that you don’t find any difficulty in buying the best safe for apartment.

Comparison Table for Best safe for apartment in 2021

No.ImageProductRatingBuy Butten
1.SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box4.7Buy now
2.Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe4.6Buy now
3.Book Safe with Combination Lock4.5Buy now
4.First Alert 2087F Waterproof and fire-resistant apartment safe4.6Buy now
5.Stalwart Digital Safe – Electronic Steel Safe4.6Buy now
6.BARSKA Keypad Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box4.5Buy now
7.GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe4.5Buy now
8.Paragon Digital Wall Safe4.5Buy now
Best safe for apartment

Top three best-sellers for the Best safe for apartment in 2021 Top 3 picks

1. SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box

Fire breaks out and floods are two of the most common disasters which ruin your valuables in few seconds. So, it is better to keep things pre-planned.

And when it comes to the protection of your precious belongings from floods and fire, we don’t consider anything more reliable than SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box.

Even if the temperature reaches up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit, this best safe for apartment will still protect all of your documents, jewelry, and memorable pictures.

The lock system of this apartment safe is based on the key lock which makes this safe quite easy to be accessed by anyone. So, it is definitely not for you if you are planning to store something too expensive or important.

  • Durable
  • Fire-resistant
  • Easy-to-use
  • Portable
  • Comes with a backup key.
  • Decent space of 0.18 cu-feet
  • Not safe enough to put costly items.
Best safe for apartment
Best safe for apartment

2. Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe

Amazon basics steel security safe is the most affordable solution to all of your security concerns regarding the safety of your prized possessions.

The solid steel-made structure has left no stone unturned to ensure durability, which makes it extremely hard to break.

This best safe for apartment works on two types of security systems. One is the traditional key system and the other is the electronic keypad.

The removable shelves add so much more to the storage space of this apartment safe, and you can put your all goods in a single safe.

You can mount this safe anywhere like a wall, and floor, etc. and all thanks to its 4-point mounting design.

  • Durable
  • 2-lock system
  • Affordable
  • 4-point mounting design
  • Removable shelves
  • No waterproof and fire-resistant.
Best safe for apartment
Best safe for apartment

3. Book Safe with Combination Lock

We all have heard a phrase that says, “appearances are deceptive”. Well, now we come to know that what does it mean. This best safe for apartment can easily deceive anyone if they are seeing it for the first time.

Book safe with combination lock works on the key system and is very good to keep your not-so-expensive items.

The manufacturers ensure durability because it is made purely from high-grade components.

Even if you are not satisfied with this safe, you can return it within 1 month and every purchaser gets a warranty of 18 months.

So, if you don’t want to invest in a very expensive and extravagant safe and your contents are not that much important so we will suggest you buy this because honestly, no robber has time to read a book while he is doing robbery.

  • Available in a lot of sizes and designs
  • Appears just like a real dictionary.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Not for very pricey and expensive possessions.
  • Very light
Best safe for apartment
Best safe for apartment

4. First Waterproof and fire-resistant apartment safe

The First alert combination safe keeps your possessions protected not only against the theft but also against fire and water.

This best safe for apartment keeps your documents safe even when it is bolted down to the floor and all thanks to its Ready-Seal Technology.

Being equipped with a dual lock system, this best safe for apartment gives you the option to unlock your safe if you forget the passcode.

Removable shelf and key rack adds more to its already 0.94 cubic feet space. And thus, you can store plenty of items, from CDs to deal papers and from jewelry and cash to other valuables.

  • Waterproof and heat-resistant
  • Spacious
  • Removable shelves
  • Double lock system
  • Ready-seal technology
  • Though the safe is durable but its handle seems cheap.
Best safe for apartment
Best safe for apartment

5. Stalwart Digital Safe – Electronic Steel Safe

If price is your top-most priority, then Stalwart digital safe is one of the best options to invest.

Your valuables are secured via a backlit keypad and the key system. So, in case the combination slips out of your mind or you forget to charge the keypad, you can access your safe via keys.

If some unknown person tries to unlock this best safe for apartment, the alarm in it will automatically start ringing after three incorrect attempts. And consequently, you will get to know that someone is trying to break the passcode.

Having a weightage of only 12 pounds, this apartment safe offers incredible portability, and you can carry it easily anywhere.

  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Dual lock system
  • Alarm for extra security
  • Not-so-easy to mount.
  • Not waterproof or fire-resistant
Best safe for apartment
Best safe for apartment

6. BARSKA Keypad Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe

There are a lot of features that are held by this best safe for apartment but the best one is the warranty offered by the company.

You get a very impressive warranty of 7-years with this Barska apartment safe.

Barska apartment safe not only keeps your belongings safe from theft but also comes very handy which adds so much more to its value.

Due to biometric lock and digital keypad, very high security is provided by this best safe for apartment. Not only or two but you can save up to 120 fingerprints at a time.

This apartment safe is best to store guns to keep them away from the access of children.

Although this is a very portable safe but if you don’t want to carry it anywhere and want it to be fixed at a place, then you can mount it on the wall or floor by making the use of mounting brackets and the mounting holes.

  • Biometric lock and digital keypad
  • Can be mounted.
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • 7-year warranty
  • Not waterproof or fire-resistant
  • Pricey
Best safe for apartment
Best safe for apartment

7. GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe

Keeping the guns in drawers or closets is surely not safe and especially when you have children around you because misfortune can happen with anyone and at any time.

So, it is better to put your arms and guns in a gun safe for apartment which is inaccessible to the children. For this, we have a gunvault handgun safe.

This best gun safe is very durable to being made from 18-gauge steel.

It can be mounted on either side i.e., back or front by pre-drilled holes and hinges.

If any unauthorized user tries to open the safe, the tamper detection indicator will get activated letting you know about the unwelcome hands.

The interior light remains on for 5 seconds after opening the safe.

  • Durable
  • Tamper detection system
  • Comes with a backup key.
  • Mounting options
  • Works with a digital keypad
  • Not for multiple handguns
Best safe for apartment
Best safe for apartment

8. Paragon Digital Wall Safe

Here we end your search for the best wall safe with a paragon digital wall safe.

This is the best safe for apartment particularly for putting heirlooms, jewelry, etc. these devices amazingly fit into the walls by bolting down the sides of the safe. And then can later be concealed with some piece of art, mirrors, or paintings, etc.

This apartment dorm safe offers exceptionally wide space to keep your belongings safe and protected.

The safe works with the LED keypad where you can save a PIN ranging from 3-8 digits. And even if you forget the pin, still you can open your safe with the help of 2 manual override keys.

If anybody tries to break the lock the alarm will start buzzing and will continue to do so for the next 20 seconds, alarming you about the robbery.

  • Dual lock system
  • Alarms about the theft
  • Mounting options
  • Removable shelves
  • Not waterproof or heat-resistant.
Best safe for apartment
Best safe for apartment

Purpose of using the best safe for apartment:

The best safe for apartment is a multi-purpose one and is used to store all kinds of possessions like:

Cash: Keeping an amount of cash at home is necessary so that you don’t have to rush to a bank in an emergency.

Heirlooms: There are a lot of sentiments attached to the heirlooms like jewelry etc. and one can never imagine losing them.

Computer backups: to ensure the protection of digital data.

Documents: use it to put your confidential papers inside it if you are a spy (LOL), bank statements, and property papers, etc.

What makes an apartment safe the best?

If you are living in an area where the crime-rate is very high, you can’t rely on small safes for apartments that provides an average sort of security.

You have to consider a lot of aspects and features before buying an apartment safe.


The best safe for apartment should have an exceptionally thick and heavy body to resist any attack.

The best apartment safe is the one that is constructed of stainless steel. The steel gauge should be as lower as possible and safes ranging from 14 to 18 gauge are most reliable.


You will find all kinds of shapes and sizes when it comes to the best safe for apartment. But you need to consider that which one best fits your needs.

People use safes for various causes. Some use them just to put some official documents, some use them to store jewelry or cash, and others use them for multi-purposes.

For putting small items like papers etc., you don’t need to invest in large-size safes for dorms because a small-size safe will just work for you.

Lock types

Different dorm safes consist of multiple locks which work on distinct principles. Some may work on wi-fi and others will on batteries.

•     Traditional system

The traditional method for security purposes is being used since ages and is still in the market and it is unlocking by the KEY.

This doesn’t provide a very high-profile safety because nowadays, anybody can break it very easily. But if you live in a safe area, you may consider this option.

•     Electronic keypad

The apartment safe working on the electronic keypad lock system will require a PIN every time you try to open it. Thus, only the person who is authorized will be able to open the safe.

•     Biometric lock

This is the most advanced technology that is the most popular at the moment. From hospitals to factories, the biometric security system is being used to ensure the safety.

You are just required to save a fingerprint in the memory of biometric and the next time, you will have reach to your valuables only if your fingerprint matches with the saved one. So, it basically works by scanning.

Previously only one fingerprint could be saved in the memory of the biometric system, but now the best safe for apartment has various prints for various users.

•     Combination lock

It works just like the security of mobiles. You just have to enter a passcode and you are done.


If you have invested in a small dorm safe to protect your prized possessions but the safe itself is not protected, then what is the purpose of buying it?

So, before you go to buy an apartment safe, be assured that it will provide resistance against two things:

•      Wire

•      Fire

Fire-resistant safes stand the maximum temperature and keep the things inside your safe protected.

While water-resistant safe is important particularly for the areas where it floods often.


Portability is always the most important factor whenever you buy any heavy thing.

If we talk particularly about the gun safe for apartment, you can’t place it in the reach of your little ones. So, keep it where it is inaccessible to children and this would be practical only if your apartment safe is portable.

Consider what you want to store inside the best safe for apartment:

This encompasses everything.

Consider your contents before getting the best safe for apartment. Your contents decide which safe will work best for you and how much security, safety, and size is needed.

The items like firearms or gadgets surely require much more space than photos, drives, or documents, etc.

Which one is the best safe for apartment among the above-mentioned products?

To keep your things safe and protected, the apartment safe works really well only if it is durable, heavy, highly secured, waterproof, and heat resistant.

There are two safes that perfectly fit in the above-mentioned criterion. One is and First Alert 2087F apartment safe and the other is BARSKA Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box.

We choose these two best apartment safes particularly due to their highly secured system.

The First alert is the best safe for apartment due to its Ready Seal Technology and water, and fire-resistant compact structure. Thus, it is good not only to protect your valuables from thieves but also from natural disasters.

On the other hand, barska apartment safe has a security system based upon biometric technology which doesn’t let anyone access the safe other than the authorized user.

So, get yourself the best safe for apartment and make your little world happy and safe.

Answers to your FAQs regarding the best safe for apartment:

Which safe is preferable, heavyweight, or lightweight?

The heavier the apartment safe is, the greater force will be required to unmount it and consequently, more security will be provided.
While lightweight safes are very easy to carry and thus, they can be removed with just a little force.
So, we will prefer heavyweight and the best safe for apartment with a very tight security lock.

How to ensure the safety of apartment safe from unwelcome hands?

Ans: There are some tips and tricks that you must practice to make your best apartment safe inaccessible for strangers.
•      Set a very hard-to-crack passcode.
•      Never leave the safe unlocked.
•      Mount the safe at an unreachable place.
•      Conceal the safe.

Is it worth investing in the best safe for apartment?

Ans: Life is unpredictable. In a snap, we can lose a thing that is most valuable, not because of its price but due to the memories attached to it.

So, to protect our heirlooms or valuables, it is definitely worth buying the best safe for an apartment.

What are the two most factors in a safe?

Ans: A best apartment safe should be two things i.e., durable, and reliable.
Without these two, your safe is of no use and is not secure enough to keep your contents protected.

Where to put a safe?

Ans: Keeping the best safe for apartment out of the eyes of intruders is a very difficult task. But once you do it, you have very less things to worry about.

The safest place to install the best safe for apartment is the wall, or a dark closet. These places can easily be concealed. And don’t put it in your bedroom because it will be the first place that the burglar will reach.

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