Top 5 best hockey sticks for wrist shots

The top 5 best hockey sticks for wrist shots are the one that provides you with the most accuracy and power in your shot. The best wrist shot is typically achieved by maximizing the flex on your stick. The more flexibility, the more accurate you can shoot with less effort.

If you play hockey on a regular basis, you understand the importance of having a good hockey stick. Every hockey player wants to know what the best hockey sticks are for wrist shots. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned veteran, having the right equipment will help you take your game to the next level.

When choosing a hockey stick for wrist shots, you’ll want to consider a few things. First, you’ll need to make sure that the stick is the right size and length for you. You’ll also want to find a stick that’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. The last thing you’ll want to consider is the stiffness of the stick. A stiffer stick will provide more power behind your shot, while a softer stick will give you more control.

 Not only do you need a stick that provides you with good control, but you also need one that can be used for wrist shots.

If you’d like to have a better understanding of how your stick can affect your game and improve your wrist shot, then look no further. This article provides a list of five hockey sticks that will help take your game to the next level. From carbon fiber composite sticks to wooden blades, there is something for everyone on this list. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and practice those wrist shots!

Comparison table for best hockey sticks for wrist shots

1. Franklin Sports NHL 1090 40 Phantom Street Hockey Stick

Franklin Sports Street Hockey Stick - Left Handed - 40 Inches - NHL - Phantom
  • Multi-ply poplar/birch shaft
  • High-impact rigid ABS blade
  • Fused shaft/blade construction

The Franklin Sports NHL 1090 40 Phantom Street Hockey Stick is a youth-sized ice hockey stick that features the Michigan state phone design on the shaft. The high-quality plastic blade allows more room for sliding and changing directions while playing.

The durable blade plus tough heel pad means it can withstand many hours of practice or games, so you won’t have to purchase a new one anytime soon. Multi-ply poplar/birch shaft and the blade is designed for both right- and left-handed players, this ice hockey stick by Franklin sports will feel very comfortable in your hands.

High-impact rigid ABS blade, composite cross beam, aluminum shaft. This hockey stick is 40-inch in length with a width of 6 inches. Fused shaft/blade construction and Full coverage vinyl graphic wrap provide excellent feel and control.

Taping the blade is recommended for added stability, but is not required. Vapor-designed blade with oval-shaped pommel for greater reach, ground ball pickup, and passing.

If you are looking for a great hockey stick to practice with, this is the hockey stick you will want.

2. STX Ice Surgeon RX3.2 Hockey Stick

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.2 Hockey Stick, Junior, Right, 45, X92 , Black/Blue
  • Peregrine - a patented ergonomic design on the underside of the shaft maximizes contact between your hands and stick...
  • Precision flex II - the most versatile dual-kick point on the market. The lower hostel has been optimized to release...
  • Silver Streak - a proprietary Resin injected along the entire base of the blade increases durability and protects...

STX’s Ice Surgeon RX3.2 Hockey Stick features the ultimate in design and engineering that STX has to offer. The Ice Hockey Stick is designed for the player who constantly looking to get better.

STX took input from some of the best players in the game and used it to produce this top-end stick featuring an upgraded kick point figure, new blade design, and refined construction.

The result was a lighter more responsive shot that not only helps you elevate your game but excels at it. Ergonomic design and the dual-density super grip handle allow you to perform at your best.

Precision flex II shaft figure rounds out a stick that helps you elevate your game in every aspect. The lower hostel has been optimized to release faster

While the upper portion of the shaft maximizes load capacity for hard & FAST shots. The blade has been designed for maximum acceleration and ball release. The STX Exclusive Dual Density Super Grip Handle allows you to maximize your shot power by offering a soft external grip that blends into a harder shell on the inside reducing vibration and increasing comfort.

If you are looking for a top-end stick that performs at the highest level while helping you get better. Look no further than the Ice Surgeon RX3.2 Hockey Stick from STX!

3. StringKing Composite Pro Prototype Hockey Stick

StringKing Composite Pro Prototype Senior Ice Hockey Stick (Right Hand, SK92 Curve, 105 Flex)
  • Better performance. Better price. -- Tested in-house against other leading hockey sticks, Composite Pro Prototype proves...
  • Increased durability. -- Composite Pro Prototype is made with the highest quality carbon fiber and Smart Taper...
  • Mid-low kick point. -- The mid-low kick point of the Composite Pro Prototype hockey stick helps deliver both a quick...

StringKing Composite Pro Prototype Hockey Stick is designed with the help of pro players, this stick is an experimental prototype design made to take your game to the next level. The blade consists of a 1-inch thickness for easy puck handling and scoring, even on breakaway opportunities. The shaft of the stick is made with 100% carbon fibers for added strength.

The taper on the blade of this StringKing Composite Pro Prototype Senior Ice Hockey Stick follows a patented design that makes passes easier to handle and increases scoring opportunities on breakaways. You’ll feel more comfortable handling the puck on the point because this stick was designed using input from professional players. It also reduces the weight of the stick without sacrificing strength, making it easier for you to control the puck and shoot with accuracy.

This StringKing Composite Pro Prototype Senior Ice Hockey Stick is designed using a unique process that combines multiple layers of carbon fiber into one strong shaft. The result is a lightweight stick that’s easier to handle and shoot, meaning you’ll be able to maintain control of the puck even when opponents start closing in. If you want to improve your game, you need the right equipment, and this stick will deliver with its high-performance materials.

It’s designed for players of all skill levels, but if you’re looking to take your game to the next level, this is the stick for you.

4. Arsenal Envy Carbon fiber Ice Hockey Stick

Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick | Left, A92, Intermediate, 65 Flex, Grip
  • A92 curve and 65 flex - The Envy blade pattern matches today's most common curve pattern and the intermediate 65 flex...
  • Made for You - Designed for the experienced hockey player that demands more from a stick, using the optimum balance of...
  • Any Ice, Any Rink - Arsenal Envy sticks are perfect for pick-up hockey games in the neighborhood, competitive adult...

The Arsenal Envy Carbon fiber Ice Hockey Stick is a fiberglass reinforced carbon hockey stick from the most trusted name in the industry. Stockless steel shaft, synthetic leather grip, and tuned balance provide unprecedented levels of durability and feel with less weight.

The mid-kick flex profile features a lower kick point for increased power, while still maintaining impressive control and accuracy at high speeds (which come naturally with experience). A 92 curve and 65 flex rating rounds out the package of this high-performance hockey stick, allowing you to dominate both ends of the ice. Stick Handling & Shooting: High-end carbon fiber and fiberglass provide a maximum feel for smooth puck movement. A92 curve allows you to hold the blade face for deceptive power.

The moderate “kick point” delivers a medium flex profile, allowing for both quick release and accurate shot power. Defensive Responsiveness: Players can rely on the sturdy construction of this hockey stick to provide them with an impressive level of durability on defensive plays. The composite blade construction allows the stick to absorb impact from hard checks, while the lower kick point provides a quick snap back into position providing top-end responsiveness.

Durability: Fiberglass reinforcements provide increased durability, while still maintaining the light overall weight of this hockey stick.

If you are looking for superior durability without excess weight, this is the perfect hockey stick.

5. Mylec 60-Inch Sr. Edge Hybrid Stick with Carbon Fiber Blade

Mylec 60-Inch Sr. ABS Mult Lam Stick - (Left)
  • Multi Laminated Shaft
  • Tapered Handle for better feel and control
  • High Impact ABS Blade

The Mylec 60-Inch Sr. Edge Hybrid Stick with Carbon Fiber Blade is a hockey stick that has premier blade technology to give the user exceptional speed, agility, and control. It’s designed for puck handlers who are looking to create offense on their terms through aggressive attacking of the net.

The lightweight design ensures hours of fatigue-free playtime during competitive games or practice sessions while still retaining power at impact time when hitting hard slapshots in tight spaces near the goal of getting off quick snapshots outside in open ice areas. The Sr fitting makes it suitable for advanced ball-handling players over 6’4″ tall, plus its wider profile helps generate more power when you’re using it in sweeps and crossovers!

This stick has a hybrid design that combines the best of both worlds between wood and composite, giving you all the benefits of a stiffer blade-like added power – while still being light, so you can move around more quickly on the ice.

Its 60″ reinforced laminated shaft gives you more spring in your forearms to generate additional snapshots when shooting, while the extended mid-kick offers improved balance for control and accuracy during passes. The soft-touch grips allow you to feel even the slightest contact with the blade on the ice, especially when receiving pinpoint passes or wrapping around tight-fitting corners inside offensive zones.

It’s made from the same material that’s used in high-end hockey sticks, plus comes with an additional 3 replacement blades and a black nylon headcover for storage.

If you’re looking for a more powerful hockey stick with control, look no further than Mylec.

Guide to buy the best hockey stick for wrist shots

How can i improve my wrist shots?

A wrist shot is a shot that involves using a quick flick of the wrists to propel the puck forwards from the bottom of the stick. This is in contrast with a slapshot, where you use your whole arm. To improve your wrist shot accuracy and power, do these exercises:

-Get an old tennis ball or some other similarly small, light object. When you are practicing shooting, put the tennis ball at one of three spots on either side of the goal. Practice taking wrist shots so that they hit this object every time

-When shooting slapshots, use your top hand to support your bottom hand for extra power and accuracy.

-Practice shooting along the ice, where you bend your knees to lower yourself for a more powerful shot. This is called a butterfly shot because of the way your legs are arranged when you do it. It also helps if you hold your stick with one hand on top and one on the bottom, like a baseball bat.

-Do not try and put all your weight on the stick when shooting. Instead, keep yourself light and balanced so that you can move quickly to make shots using wrist power instead of body weight or force

-Practice passing between two people, one standing in front of you and one around your side. Pass the puck between them, then quickly do two or three wrist shots.

-Practice with friends on a small goal. Get everyone to put their sticks parallel on either side of the goal and shoot through it. This helps practice accuracy at close range.

-Focus on not always looking up when you shoot. This makes it easier to hit the target, even if it’s small or at long range. By practicing with shorter shots, you automatically train yourself to concentrate on the smaller goal that is your target.

What is the best hockey stick for a defenseman?

This largely depends on the playing style and type of shot created by a player. Generally, the best hockey sticks for defensemen are those which offer more flex as this allows players to generate more power on shots and easier maneuverability.

What is the best hockey stick for slapshots?

Ice hockey sticks are made of composite materials like graphite, fiberglass, or Kevlar. The most popular type of hockey stick is wood, which tends to break more often than composite sticks; however, it offers better sensitivity and grip.
The best hockey sticks for slapshots depend on what playing style you prefer. Lite blades offer speedy shots but with less power.
Heavier blades (like wood) offer more power at the price of speed. If you want a balanced blend between quickness and strength, consider trying out aluminum-made ice hockey sticks because they offer both strong shots with an adequate amount of control in your movements under game conditions.

When should i change my hockey sticks out?

It’s recommended to change your hockey stick out every 12-18 months.  If you’re playing or practicing often, then it might be wise to change them more frequently for optimal performance. Many factors go into buying the best hockey stick for your style; this will include things like how tall you are, the type of player you are, your position on the ice, and more.  If you’re unsure though then it’s best to go with an inexpensive option that has a lot of flex to it.

What are the advantages of good hockey sticks?

The Advantages of good Hockey Sticks There are two main advantages that a good hockey stick can bring to your game.  
-The first is that it allows you more accurate shots on the net which leads to more goals scored and therefore a better team performance.
-The second is that it gives you the ability to maneuver around other players and put yourself in the best position possible for making plays with your stick.


The article “Top 5 best hockey sticks for wrist shots” is about how to choose the right hockey sticks for your needs to get better shots on goal. If you’re not sure what type of hockey sticks will work best with your playing style or skill level then we recommend checking out this article before making any decisions. The article is well written and easy to understand.

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